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Co-Creating with Start-ups for Digital and The Internet of Things

An Addition to the Summit: Join Michael Docherty in the Interactive Workshop and CoLab on 26 January

Dear Michael,

The GCVI Summit is getting closer and closer to a sell out, so if you want to attend we recommend securing your tickets now.

All attendees of the GCVI Summit are invited to join this Interactive Workshop and CoLab on the afternoon of 26 January, focusing on co-creating with start-ups for Digital and The Internet of Things Transformation. RSVP by 23 January to take your place - details provided below.

Part 1:  Strategic workshop for corporate venturing and innovation executives, focused on new models for corporate/startup collaboration in the era of digital disruption.

Part 2:  Demonstrations and interaction with a select group of technology startups and entrepreneurs providing enablement solutions for digital transformation and IoT.

The Era of Digital Transformation

Startups are disrupting established companies every single day. Since 2000, more than 50% of the Fortune 500 have gone bankrupt, been acquired or ceased to exist. Digital disruption is both a challenge and an opportunity for global enterprises, and it’s being recognized by CEOs. According to research by IDC, the percentage of enterprises creating advanced digital transformation initiatives will increase from 22% today to nearly 50% in 2020.   

IoT is at the center of this digital transformation. IoT devices and solutions in both B2C and B2B have the potential to redefine companies and entire industries. By 2018, six billion connected devices will be sending and receiving information. In five years, 1 million new devices will come online every hour. According to Capgemini, nearly 74% of companies don’t respond to digital disruptions until the second year after their occurrence. What is your company doing to embrace this new era of digital transformation?


  • Workshop: Co-creating with the Startup Ecosystem (12:00 noon – 2:00pm)
    Working Lunch Provided

This interactive workshop will provide actionable frameworks and thought-provoking examples (Cisco, J&J, et al) for an emerging model of “collective disruption”.  The same startups and entrepreneurs that have been disrupting large companies are increasingly being viewed as a pipeline for new business creation. Leading companies are experimenting with new ways to engage earlier and more deeply with the startup ecosystem.

Corporate venturing plays a key role in this trend and must evolve from traditional ‘transactional’ equity investments to more sophisticated collaboration models. Through discussion and group exercises, learn how corporations and startups can co-create transformative new businesses with models that blend traditional corporate venture capital with unique partnering approaches across operating businesses, startups, and other players in the ecosystem.

  • Networking Break (2:00pm – 2:30pm)

  • CoLab: Digital/IoT Technology Demos (2:30pm – 4:00pm)

Immediately following the workshop, participants will meet with a select group of vetted startups and entrepreneurs, each providing enablement solutions for digital transformation and IoT. These solutions and potential partners are selected to highlight the transformation already underway, as well as to introduce new approaches and technology providers that may be of interest for collaboration.

The workshop will be attended by a diverse group of companies, with a mix of digital/IoT experiences from advanced to introductory-level. Therefore, we’ll bring startups that are focused on enablement, many with applications in both B2C and B2B environments. Attendees will be able to listen to brief overviews of each technology/provider, and then have the opportunity to explore technologies of interest more deeply in demonstrations and discussions.

About the Instructor/Facilitator

Michael Docherty has a unique perspective, having been an entrepreneur, senior corporate executive and venture capitalist. In his new book Collective Disruption, Mike reveals how smart corporations are learning to partner with startups to co-create transformative new businesses and business models. As CEO of Venture2, a consulting and new ventures firm, Mike and his team work with leading corporations to develop innovation capabilities, build innovation ecosystems and accelerate the commercialization of breakthrough new products, services and business models.

Register Now for GCVI Summit Tickets


If you have already secured your Summit tickets, simply RSVP to Christina Riboldi at to take your free place at the Interactive Workshop and CoLab led by Michael Docherty, before 23 January. The session will take place in the Kenwood Ballroom on 26 January.



Christina Riboldi
Director, GCVI Summit

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