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GCV Powerlist 2021

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July 21, 2021


At the time of writing this editorial for the GCV Powerlist 2021, we are 40 years from asking the last question.

Author Isaac Asimov’s favourite short story was to reverse engineer a creation myth; effectively to ask how the universe may have started by imaging how an analogue computer could advance enough to tackle entropy.

The question was asked 21 May 2061 in Azimov’s story, The Last Question, but after the past 18 months tackling the covid-19 pandemic, fears about climate change and potential wars some could be forgiven for asking what the most important questions weshould be tackling sooner than that.

Fortunately, the world has proved resilient to the challenges and there is hope that by asking the right questions and letting a plurality of views try answering them then the innovations at scale can come forth to meet the concerns.

Ultimately, it is relatively small numbers of people who decide. The Pareto principle applies that 80% of the consequences come from 20% of the causes.

The GCV Powerlist is designed to uncover these “vital few”. These 100 ultimately are responsible for tens and hundreds of billions of dollars invested in the entrepreneurs who turn the ideas into products and services that can lead to messenger RNA for vaccines against covid-19, quantum computing that could help unlock the mysteries of the universe (or just some tricky maths for cybersecurity), and even new energy sources from nuclear fusion.

But these five score of men and women from around the world also bring the power of their parent companies to bear to scale up the prototypes and pilots into something we can all use or benefit from.

The world is what we invest in. And, finally, more is going to make the world a better place.


 The Awards 

GCV compiles its annual Powerlist of the top 100 heads of corporate venturing units out of more than 2,000 that we cover globally. We use a series of metrics to select the list, which draws on our GCV Analytics insights-as-a-service data platform. In addition, we look for strategic and leadership measures, such as thought leadership, vision and motivational abilities.

Some of the strategic and leadership measures we look out for include:

  • Any examples of strategic collaborations with portfolio or venture-backed companies
  • Business unit partnerships and development with portfolio companies
  • Product or strategy road maps and public leadership positions in conferences, associations and societies
  • Team members included in GCV Rising Stars & Emerging Leaders and other industry awards
  • Team expansion and recent promotions

On this occasion the awards ceremony is again being held digitally due to the ongoing effects of covid-19. Some video highlights from the winners will be available on the GCV website and YouTube channel in the near future.

 About Global Corporate Venturing 

If there is any other help we can give through our GCV Leadership Society, our GCV Institute, our GCV Connect communications tool to enable CVC leaders to message peers in the industry privately, our GCV Analytics platform that offers insights as a service by unlocking our proprietary data, or our magazine and news service, do let us know.

James Mawson
Global Corporate Venturing

 Download the Magazine 

The full magazine is available for download via the button below, or you can access the individual features on the Global Corporate Venturing website via the links below.

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GCV Powerlist 2021 Contents
Contents list for GCV's 2021 Powerlist top 100 in corporate venturing

Ready to embrace the new spirit of belief
Introduction to the GCV Powerlist 2021 by James Mawson, editor-in-chief, Global Corporate Venturing

Venture capital as a service
Edison Fu profiles seven businesses offering VC-as-a-service model to aid corporates and VC firms to spot and team up with innovative startups

TDK podcast analysis
Global Corporate Venturing teamed up with 500 Startups’ CVC Insider Series, where top CVC practitioners advise on corporate venturing challenges

 Top 25 

1. Rajeev Misra and Marcelo Claure, SoftBank Vision Fund

2. Martin Tschopp, Prosus Ventures

3. Jeffrey Li, Tencent Investment

4. John Somorjai, Salesforce Ventures

5. David Krane, GV

6. David Lee, Samsung Next; Dede Goldschmidt, Samsung Electronics; Sung Hoon Yang, Samsung Ventures America

7. Gen Tsuchikawa, Sony Innovation Fund by IGV

8. Anthony Lin, Intel Capital

9. Derek Idemoto, Cisco Investments

10. Meghan Sharp, BP Ventures

11. Quinn Li, Qualcomm Ventures

12. Anja König, Novartis Venture Fund

13. Christopher Picariello, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC

14. Maggie Wu, Alibaba Innovation Ventures

15. Barbara Dalton, Pfizer Ventures

16. Arvind Purushotham, Citi Ventures

17. Annabelle Long, Bertelsmann Asia Investments

18. Alokik Advani, Fidelity International Strategic Ventures

19. Bill Taranto, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

20. Girish Nadkarni, Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures

21. Lisa Lambert, National Grid Partners

22. Tamara Steffens, Mony Hassid and Samir Kumar, M12

23. Jacqueline LeSage, Munich Re Ventures

24. Geert van de Wouw, Shell Ventures

25. Stefan Gabriel, Hitachi Ventures

 The rest of the Top 100 
(in alphabetical order by CVC unit)

Ben Wright, 3M Ventures

Kurt Kaltenegger, ABB Technology Ventures

Héctor Shibata Salazar, AC Ventures

Thomas Lounibos, Accenture Ventures

Tarik Galijasevic, Allstate Strategic Ventures

Suzanna Chiu, Amadeus Ventures

Paul Bernard, Amazon Alexa Fund

Harshul Sanghi, American Express Ventures

Kenny Man, Ant Group

Anand Kamannavar, Applied Ventures

Sanjiv Parikh and Steve Bernardez, Avanta Ventures (CSAA)

Markus Solibieda, BASF Venture Capital

Sergio Escobar, BCF Ventures

Lisa Smith, BTomorrow Ventures

John Banta, Blue Venture Fund

Kai Engelhardt, Brose Ventures

Scott Caruso, CableLabs

Jaidev Shergill, Capital One Ventures

Michael Young, Caterpillar Ventures

Gonzalo Galindo, Cemex Ventures

Barbara Burger, Chevron Technology Ventures

Andrew Cleland, Comcast Ventures

Stéphane Longuet, Convivialité Ventures

Tony Cannestra, Denso Ventures

Rob Coppedge, Echo Health Ventures

Fernando Impuesto, Emilio Martínez and Sergio García, Enagás Emprende

Crispin Leick, EnBW New Ventures

Johann Boukhors, Engie New Ventures

Bernhard Mohr, Evonik Venture Capital

Sunita Parasuraman, Facebook New Product Experimentation

Blake Luse, Ferguson Ventures

Andy Ting, GC Ventures America

Matt Tsien, General Motors Ventures

Robert Günther and Paolo Bavaj, Henkel Tech Ventures

Kip Frey, HG Ventures

Nick Sugimoto, Honda Innovations

Murray Grainger and Kamal Vasagiri, Honeywell Ventures

Ore Adeyemi, HSBC Strategic Innovation Investments

Mark Johnson, Husqvarna Group

Henry Chung, Hyundai Cradle

Angie Grimm, IBM Ventures

Kitty Agarwal, Info Edge Ventures

Oliver Keown, Intuitive Ventures

Amy Daniels Burr, JetBlue Technology Ventures

Osei Van Horne, JP Morgan Private Capital

Faran Nouri, Lam Capital

Dong-Su Kim, LG Technology Ventures

Josh Berg, Magna International

Rocky Daehler, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital

Jon Soberg & Tak Sato, MS&AD Ventures

Erik Ross, Nationwide Ventures

Lak Ananth, Next47

Paul Asel, NGP Capital (Nokia)

James Orchard, QBE Ventures

Harrie Vollaard, Rabo Frontier Ventures

Saemin Ahn, Rakuten Ventures

Ilonka Jankovich and Paul Jacquin, Randstad Innovation Fund

Andrea Birolo, Reale Group Corporate Venturing

Carole Nuechterlein, Roche Venture Fund

Aruna Subramanian, Sabic Ventures

Minas Apelian, Saint-Gobain (Nova External Ventures)

Arindam Bhattacharya, Schlumberger New Energy Venture

Emmanuel Lagarrigue and Heriberto Diarte, Schneider Electric Ventures

George Gogolev, Severstal Ventures

John China, SVB Capital

Dominique Mégret, Swisscom Ventures

Nicolas Sauvage, TDK Ventures

Kay Enjoji, TEL Venture Capital

Rich Osborn, Telus Ventures

Hiroshi Saijou, George Kellerman and Jim Adler, Toyota

Dontá Wilson and Vanessa Indriolo Vreeland, Truist Ventures

Rahul Ray, Tyson Ventures

Christopher Bartlett, Verizon Ventures

Basil Darwish, Wells Fargo Strategic Capital

Shinichiro Hori, Z Venture Capital (previously YJ Capital and Line Ventures)

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